White-knuckle fiction: FBI thrillers with a twist of faith.


LJW-Tree-sq smallI love getting lost in a book and I’ll bet you do, too! My FBI thrillers are designed to capture your attention and take you on a white-knuckle roller coaster ride to a satisfying ending. Please take a moment and check out my books and the background behind my writing. My blog reflects my thinking on a variety of topics. Don’t forget my upcoming events.  And browse the locations page and discover what inspired the settings of my books. A search for justice, the hunt for love, a need for hope: These are the threads that comprise my stories. I hope you enjoy them!





BatteredJustice2-Front Cover-Small
Battered Justice, a sequel to Bloody Point 
An agent is shot outside of Baltimore. When Jake and Cass pursue the shooter they find a tangle of evidence leading them to a local casino–and Chase Westfield, a powerful state senator.
But Jake’s ex-wife, Tam, is married to Chase, and soon Jake discovers she’s being abused.
Will his faith survive what follows after?



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